Renting IRLS Earns Immediately!

One-stop Artificial Intelligence (AI) Labelling Solution with Robot – an automatic label applicator, for saving cost and improving productivity.


High Speed

Increases Productivity In 3 Times

The automatic label applicator labels 10,800 products in 8 hours

Multi Tasking

Prints and Applies Label at the Same Time

No need to preprint label content

High Accuracy

High Position Accuracy

Within +/- 3mm

Space Efficient

Occupies Small Area

It requires 2 X 6 square meters only

Power Saving

Consumes Less Electricity

It needs less than 2,000 W (220V X 9A)

Simple Setup Process

Simple Setup Process Setup  procedures

within 5 to 10 minutes


Reduce Labour Cost

  • 5 skilled warehouse workers’ salaries monthly

Save Manpower

  • 3 unskilled labelling workers replace 10 skilled labelling workers through the automation labeling system

Increase productivity in 3 Times

  • The automatic label applicator labels 10,800 products in 8 hours

Flexible for Different Shapes of Product

  • IRLS could apply labels according to the product shape

No Human Errors

  • Apply the robotic label system to avoid human error


High Speed 4-Axis Robotic Arm

DENSO Wave Model HS-A1 with 0.29 sec cycling time and +/- 3mm repeating accuracy as an automatic label applicator

Touch Screen for Setup and Control

Manage only one console for the whole labeling process

Object Recognition System

Omron 2D Object Recognition Module

Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer Printer

It has 300 dpi direct thermal/thermal transfer printing unit with dispenser unit (600 dpi option)

Intelligent Robotics Control Software

It helps setting label position, controlling the operation and generating daily reports.

In-built Label Design System

It supports the pre-defined format and directly imports data from Excel.