On 25th September 2019, Million Tech successfully held a “Labelling Robot Experience Day” in its CSW office, aims at introducing our powerful Intelligent Robotic Labelling System (IRLS). IRLS is an intelligent automatic label applicator, for saving cost and improving productivity for importers, retailers, logistics companies, etc.

During the seminar, Mr. Eric Lai (Project Manager, Million Tech) explained how labelling robot works, what benefits that clients could enjoy, and share some use cases of our existing clients. Moreover, we arranged a system demonstration session, in order to let clients to experience the power of IRLS. All the attendees showed their interest by arising different discussions regarding IRLS.

IRLS official website @https://irls.hk/

IRLS TV commercial @https://bit.ly/2mI6GYx


WhatsApp: (852) 9100-4713

Tel: (852) 2784-2868

Email: sales@milliontech.com


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