Label Printing Solution Case – Intelligent Robotics Labelling System (IRLS) for saving cost and improving productivity

One of leading cosmetics retailing group in Asia (the headquarter locates in Hong Kong) has over 260 retail stores and counters in the region selling over 700 brands of skincare, fragrance, make-up and hair care, body care products, health and beauty supplements including own-brands and exclusive products. The group needs to label huge amount of beauty and cosmetic products daily to meet its operations’ needs, but HR department faces recruitment problems (either skilled or unskilled workers) and operation team faces insufficient manpower for daily labelling operation. The operation process is deeply affected and time-consuming if labelling product is arranged manually.

Project Overview

Client Sector:

Retail Business, Cosmetic, Beauty product


Intelligent Robotics Labelling System


Hong Kong


According to Hong Kong’s ordinances, all importing products are required to have a label explaining its ingredients’ details to the consumers. The group is required to label over 192,000 products daily for complying with the law, by doing so, the group employs over 100 workers for labelling products. But, due to high labour cost (in accordance with the Hong Kong Government’s Policy of Statutory Minimum Wage) and keen competition of labour market, the cosmetic group has difficulty in recruiting skilled workers because of high salary cost and labour shortage here.


To save the group’s operational cost in labelling products and improve productivity, Million Tech’s IRLS which is a one-stop Artificial Intelligence (AI) Labelling Solutions with Robot provides four sets of high speed 4-axis robotic arm, direct thermal transfer printer, intelligent robotics control software, object recognition system, label design system to its warehouse office. The project deployment includes two phases. Regarding pricing strategy, Million Tech simplifies it by offering a rental scheme to the cosmetics group which assists them in releasing financial pressures.

Result/ Feedback

Million Tech’s IRLS assists the group in saving 5 skilled workers’ salaries monthly if they rent one unit, and boosting productivity as 10 skilled workers’ performance is replaced by 3 unskilled workers. The system helps to increase the group’s labelling productivity in 4 times, and it can label different shapes of products without any human error. The group chooses Million Tech due to the outstanding features and benefits of IRLS and its over 30 years’ experience in label printing solutions.
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