Label Printing Solution Case – Intelligent Robotics Labelling System (IRLS) For Department Store

Customer Background

One of the most popular department stores in Hong Kong has over 28+ years’ experience and 10 branches.  Its focus is mainly on Japanese imports, covering fashion, cosmetics, electronic goods, accessories and daily commodities.

Project Overview

This client is now encountering a labour shortage in food labelling, involving more than 5,000 types of food imports and products. Million Tech proposed its Intelligent Robotics Labelling System (IRLS) to the group.

Client Sector:

Department Store, Supermarket


Intelligent Robotics Labelling System


Hong Kong

The Challenge

Our client would like to solve the problem posed by a shortage of workers in labelling.  They would also like to achieve higher productivity and fulfill a larger goal. However, the existing labour market in Hong Kong faces keen competition after the enactment of minimum wage ordinance. It forms the biggest challenge to the group, along with the requirement of a large working space for labelling workers.

The Solution

Million Tech’s IRLS is a one-stop Artificial Intelligence (AI) Labelling Solution with Robotics and provides:

  1. Six sets of high speed 4-axis robotic arms.
  2. A direct thermal transfer printer.
  3. Intelligent robotics-controlled software.
  4. An object recognition system.
  5. A label design system alongside its warehouse office.
  6. Mobile app monitors working out the time and number of labels printed and adhered.

Million Tech simplifies its pricing strategy by offering a rental scheme which assists the group to save costs.

Result/ Feedback

IRLS performs to a high-quality standard with its high turnaround time.

  1. IRLS can apply labels according to the shape of the product’s packaging, e.g. round, square, cylindrical, tube, inflatable etc.
  2. Application of the robotic labelling system avoids human error.
  3. It helps the group to keep down its annual cost of recruiting workers.
  4. It releases resources that can be used in other areas/departments.
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