Labelling Robot Case – Comprehensive solution of Intelligent Robotics Labelling System (IRLS) for International Logistics Company

Customer Background

One of the leading international Logistics Service Providers

Project Overview

The client’s business is rapidly increasing and extending agent network spans to the global market hence need to handle the huge of number labelling job.

Client Sector

Logistics Company

Product/ Solution:

Intelligent Robotics Labelling System (IRLS)


Hong Kong

Challenge: Short-staffed

The client was facing short-staffed to fulfil the growing level of freight transport business such as number of labelling workers and unstable workers’ skill that influent the lead time; and concern the label mistake by human error.

Solution: Rental labelling robot

After consultant and installation, we provided the professional training to workers. The labelling robot increases productivity in 3 times as labelling over 12,000 products in 8 hours so that replace to 3 unskilled workers replace 10 skilled workers and 5 skilled workers’ salaries monthly for client’s business.

Result/ Feedback

We provided the suitable plan which can help them achieve the market demand. One-stop Artificial Intelligence (AI) Labelling Solution with Robot can Improve the maximizing warehouse space utilization; release 50% manpower and avoid human errors, reduce label waste; shorten traditional labelling time by hand that quicken the lead time in 3 time. The clients satisfied the performance of labelling robot to help their business development. Therefore, they will be renting Labelling robot continuously.