Label Printing Solution Case – Boosting Productivity & Saving Cost through Labelling Solution with Robot IRLS

Project Overview

A world leading Japanese group with over 140+ years’ experience to provide high quality consumer goods in cosmetic, brightening & anti-aging skincare, suncare, haircare and fragrance is now encountering the difficulties on labelling large amount of its brand products in various product lines. Million Tech understands which the best solutions are to solve the difficulties, offers its Intelligent Robotics Labelling System (IRLS) to the group, and sends professionals to help the group measuring the existing situation.

Client Sector:

Beauty, Cosmetic, Skincare, Haircare


Intelligent Robotics Labelling System


Hong Kong


For the existing situation of Hong Kong’s market, the group is required to label over 15,000 products per day to comply with the local ordinances – all imported goods are required to label their ingredient’s detail. Therefore, the group has to employ over 10 workers for handling this huge task on daily basis. Nevertheless, the high labour cost (i.e. Hong Kong Minimum Wage) and keen competition in labour market are keep placing the pressure to HR department. Besides, the group needs to rent a large area of workplace which is specially for workers to complete the labelling process.


In order to save the group’s operational cost in labelling products and improve productivity, Million Tech’s IRLS which is a one-stop Artificial Intelligence (AI) Labelling Solutions with Robot provides: (1.) a set of high speed 4-axis robotic arm, (2.) Direct thermal transfer printer, (3.) Intelligent robotics control software, (4.) Object recognition system, and (5.) Label design system to its warehouse office. Regarding to the pricing strategy, Million Tech simplifies it by offering a rental scheme to the group which assists them in releasing financial pressures.

Result/ Feedback

After adopting Million Tech’s IRLS, it helps the group on saving labour cost of 5 skilled worker’s monthly salaries by each unit of IRLS, and boosting the productivity by 3 unskilled workers to replace 10 skilled workers. Better still, IRLS could apply labels according to the product packing’s shape such as round, box, cylinder, tube, inflatable, etc. It applies the robotic labelling system to avoid human error, and enhance the productivity 4 times than before. By choosing Million Tech as partner, the group can leverage Million Tech’s over 30+ years’ experience in labelling solutions and enjoy the outstanding benefits from IRLS.
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