IRLS Seminar – Labelling Solutions with Robot (Save $$)

As an automatic label applicator and automation labelling system, Million Tech successfully held the “Intelligent Robotics Labelling System (IRLS)” Seminar on 31st August 2018 in its office.  During the seminar, Mr. Eric Lai who is the Labelling Expert explained IRLS’ features and benefits, and demonstrated a system to the participants Q&A session followed afterwards.  The attendees were impressed by IRLS’ excellent performance and it aroused different discussion regarding IRLS.

Million Tech’s IRLS is a one-stop Artificial Intelligence (AI) labelling solution with robot – an automatic label applicator, for saving cost and improving productivity for importers and logistics companies, etc. Read more about the automation labelling system:

If you are interested in IRLS, please contact us at 2784 2868 or email to


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