Experience IRLS “Automatic Labelling Robot” @ Retail Technology Lab Shop

It is so glad to announce that Million Tech Development Limited launched the Intelligent Robotics Labelling System Show Room. We will have Live Demonstrations given by Specialist. Through the Live Demos, visitors can experience more of the automatic label applicator to improve productivity for your business.



G/F, 786 Nathan Rd, Mong Kok (nearby Exit A – Prince Edward Station)


Million Tech’s labelling machine


Labelling worker

Labelling worker (8-hours):

A labour sticks 2.5 labels per minute, 150 labels per hour, 1,200 labels per day.

If we employ 3 labours, they can stick 3,600 labels per day.

Million Tech’s Labelling Machine(8-hours):

The labelling machine sticks 22.5 labels per minute, 1,350 labels per hour, 10,800 labels per day.

Productivity is therefore increased 3 times by deploying Million Tech’s labelling machine.


☎️: (852) 2784 2867
📧: sales@milliontech.com

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